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Saturday, 15 Aug 2020


SIMCOL Petroleum Limited Company is a leading US nationwide fuel supplier headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Uniting industry expertise with an unparalleled client portfolio gives our company the ability to provide solutions for our customers, while ensuring that expectations are met and exceeded.
"SIMCOL specializes in the supply and distribution of fuel, lubricants and fuel additives."
Our company specializes in the supply and distribution of fuel, lubricants, and fuel additives; our products are used by: freight companies, supply terminals, nationwide oil groups, and other businesses. As such, we stand as a progressive competitor in the fuel industry.

All aspects of our business model revolve around building sustainable business relationships:  we are committed to meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.

SIMCOL Petroleum Limited Company is a 637 registration holder which allows us to transport our product by pipeline as well as utilize community terminals to store our product to meet our customer’s needs.


As a global supplier and distributor of energy products, we take a measured approach to each transaction. We consider our reputation to be the single most important asset that we possess and as such, we are very diligent with the quality of relationships that we develop.

Our sense of fairness and ethical standards are evident in all transactions in which we are involved. We believe in developing strong lasting relationships with every party we conduct business with. Because our developed business relationships directly impact our credibility, we are very thorough with our screening process.

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